Does any of these sound familiar?

  • You often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future.
  • It’s difficult to make decisions.
  • Your mind is racing all of the time.
  • It’s very hard to concentrate.
  • You’re easily irritable
  • Sometimes you get emotional and cry for no apparent reason.

Distracting thoughts come so fast and you can’t stop them. It’s hard to concentrate and can feel overwhelming. You fear you’re losing control, but after struggling alone for so long, you wonder whether anxiety treatment can truly help.

How can therapy help?

Many have dealt with stress and anxiety since they were young. For others, the experience may be new and frightening, making them feel as though they are losing their minds.

Fortunately, there is a path to meaningful change and lasting recovery. With the right support and resources, you can start to feel more relaxed, calm and confident.

In therapy, you’ll get to explore and understand what anxiety is in a safe space. You can learn how to identify and process anxious thoughts in effective ways, replacing the not-so-helpful coping strategies with healthier approaches.

During our session, we’ll explore the relationship between various environmental settings and worry, examine the role that certain beliefs play in excessive irrational worry and persistent anxiety, and implement problem solving strategies to address worries. You’ll learn concrete skills to manage your anxiety better and improve your daily functioning. 

Whether you have been struggling for many years or have just recently started feeling anxious, therapy can help you find relief.